Commercial Interior


Year of implementation: 2019
Location: Russia
We were approached by a customer, who had just bought a rental venue, and a café called ‘Ivanhoe’ was a part of it. During the first examination of the venue, we saw an obsolete knight`s hall which had weighty wrought iron furniture and other vestiges of the early 2000s style. The café`s attendances were low, bookings – infrequent, and on the whole, it was attended only by regulars who knew that the food there was delicious. The cuisine was an advantage just like a delivery service.
By communicating with the customer, we defined the tasks they wanted us to perform:
1. With little alteration, which wasn`t supposed to involve structural changes, create a cozy ambience in the venue, avoiding capital changes when possible.
2. Make the café suitable for different customers and purposes (a romantic evening, a big family get-together, birthdays, etc.), which requires easily transformable seating.
You can judge how well we performed the tasks by taking a look at the photos below, where you can find ones of the old venue. We really managed to keep a lot of things, such as floor tiling, doors, capital structures, and so on.

The project was implemented in 2019

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