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Our main task as a team

We implement projects within the budget
We'll be with you throughout the renovation
Creating a good, readable, and understandable design project is a labor-intensive process that we improve every day throughout our practice.

We place special emphasis on budget planning at the early stage of the project.

In our work, we emphasize:

This approach ensures a stress-free renovation process, uninterrupted progress, and timely completion.


/ The timeline for your design project depends on the tasks we define together during our initial meeting.
Residential Interior Design
Apartments, houses, individual rooms
Commercial Interior Design
HoReCa, retail spaces, offices
Cosmetic interior refreshment
Changes that give a fresh look to the interior without altering its structure or undergoing extensive reconstruction.

Stages of Design

Here you can request the full project scope

We develop a detailed design project that includes everything from measuring the space to creating 3D visualizations and providing a complete set of construction documentation for the construction team. This comprehensive approach ensures a successful implementation of the project.

We schedule a meeting online or offline. We sign a contract, fill out a brief, and create a measured floor plan of the property, indicating all engineering communications.
Gathering information and analysis

We coordinate the optimal space planning solution from several options developed by our team, based on the technical requirements.

We determine the stylistic and color direction for the development of the future interior, based on prepared sketches and collages.
Space planning and discussing budget ideas for project implementation
We provide photorealistic 3D visualization or collage with carefully selected materials, furniture, and lighting.
3D Visualization / Collage
We develop the documentation required for project implementation, which includes all necessary drawings and specifications.

Drawing upon our experience, we strive to make the project as clear as possible for the construction team.
Documentation and drawings

Here you can request a project sample.

We will calculate the cost of your design project:


What's next?

After the design project has been developed and approved, we can proceed with creating a cost estimate, selecting a construction team, and starting the renovation process! To ensure that the project is implemented as intended, we offer several services:

Project procurement

We help significantly reduce the time spent on selecting and purchasing the necessary finishing materials, furniture, equipment, and decor. We also ensure their timely delivery to the site and organize the renovation budget. Over the years, we have established relationships with a large number of reliable suppliers and contractors.

Interior decoration
Project management

It includes a comprehensive range of services required for the implementation of the design project, coordination of all suppliers and contractors on-site. It also involves providing project consultations to builders during the project implementation, adapting drawings if necessary, and regular site visits by the designer.


Interior decoration service allows you to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere in any space. An experienced designer will select color solutions, textiles, and decor to create the desired mood and a sense of harmony and comfort.

What is next?