Residential Interior

/ Residential complex "Jamaica 262"

Year of implementation: 2021
Location: Saratov, Volskaya Street
The apartment was bought without any interior decoration. We had to do everything from scratch – from layout solution and plumbing, to choosing materials, furniture, lighting, and décor.

We decided to build two separate rooms and a spacious kitchen merged with a living room. We managed to build a separate utility room and two bathrooms.

We chose minimalism as the basis for our style. We used distinct contrast combinations with white color dominating the space.
Despite the coldness of the colors, the interior is cozy and tranquil. It perfectly sets you up for a rest.

In this project we used the Smart Home technology, which allows you to remotely control the lighting and the curtains. We also set a special anti-leak device for you to unworriedly leave the apartment and go on vacation.

All items of furniture are made by our partners according to the project managers` designs.
Project Completed.
Project budget: 106 260$
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