Commercial Interior

/ Office Design of a Training Center of a Production Company

Year of implementation: 2019
Location: Saratov
A bit about this training area: The concept and color scheme of the given office design originated from the color scheme of an object, and the logo formed the basis for the spatial solution. Also, the task was to make the room comfortable for being in and at the same time having a work attitude. The main accent of the interior are terracotta panels, passing from one wall to another, thereby creating dynamics and connection with the logo. Wood has been added to the interior design to create coziness and comfort, highlighting the chalkboard and ceiling above the table. Initially, there were windows in a black frame in the room so we decided to accent this interesting element with the help of laconic black suspensions, as well as creating a graphic strip of linear LED lamps above the marker board
A bit about the negotiation area: The main task of this interior was to create a reputable and exclusive design. The main accent is the wall with an onyx insert. Due to the fact that the stone is translucent, a play of light is created and the stone is revealed in all its uniqueness.  We used soft suede panels as a frame, which, due to their texture and color, collect the wall into a single harmonious composition. On the side walls there are fake windows with frosted glazing, which allow you to increase the sense of space without creating the effect of having too many mirrors. The structure of the chandelier adds dynamism and connects the two parts of the interior together. The soft velour sofa in deep blue reflects the connection with the coloristic decision of the company's logo. Thus, having created two unique interiors for their purposes, they are interconnected by an invisible thread
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