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Year of implementation: 2020
Location: Engels, Zarechye residence
A house for a large family: parents with two young fidgety sons. The interior design of the house is completed in a modern style.

Because the hosts are very fond of having guests and cooking in general, we combined the kitchen, hallway, and living room into one large space. We did this through flowing forms and a single floor covering. Now, in addition to a large table for family gatherings and a spacious kitchen with an island, there is a lot of free space in this area for various leisure activities.

We also managed to combine business with pleasure: the windows in the kitchen allow the hostess to wash the dishes and enjoy the beautiful view of the river.

Durable materials have been used in the living room to account for the fidgety sons: wooden and stone veneer, in contrasting combination with the sofa, forming an excellent union. Separately, a podium with a PVC coating was highlighted. It is warm, which allows you to put up a Christmas tree for the new year, and to rest there on pillows
The whole interior of the house is "darkened" per request of the clients. Even the ceiling is not white, but light gray. Also, such a non-standard move emphasized the snow-white staircase. Monolithic concrete with white wooden steps: a staircase that is definitely an outstanding piece of art in this house.

The design of the master bedroom is done in warm monochrome colors so that you could easily relax after intense labor. The accents are taken over by the textiles that can be easily replaced if the color gets boring.

The interior design of children's rooms is quite calm, because the toys will eventually take their place of honor and make the space bright and childish anyway. Such a neutral version of the children's interior can be called "for expansion": it will be relevant not only for children, but also for adolescents.

There are three bathrooms on the ground floor, and all of them are done in a similar style with a variety of color and textured accents.

On one hand, the design project turned out to be calm and practical, but on the other hand, bright and bold

Project In Progress.
Estimated Project Design Cost is: 15 000 000 Russian Rubles
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