Residential Interior

/ House Design in "Yubileiny"

Year of implementation: 2019
Location: Saratov, Ershovskaya Street
When creating this house, we relied on natural color combinations. Wooden textures prevail on the ground floor — the walls are made of planks, the floor is covered with engineered boards combined with gray porcelain stoneware under the stone (in the stair zone) and plaster in the TV zone. In the kitchen area, there is a bright accent, which is the design trend of 2019 — terrazzo tiles
This home will house a young couple who is aware of worldly design trends and is invested in modern technologies. They are conscious of environmental problems, so we have introduced the “Smart Home” system into the design of their home, which helps reduce energy consumption, and we have also used a system for sorting household waste in the kitchen for further disposal and recycling. Also, the charm of this house is that in addition to the owners, a raccoon, chinchilla and fish will live in it
Project In Progress.
Estimated Project Design Cost is: 7 000 000 Russian Rubles
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