Residential Interior

/ Residential complex "Everest"

Year of implementation: 2019
Location: Saratov, Michurina Street
It is important to emphasize the initial advantages of this apartment — 9.84 ft ceilings, completely spacious planning, as well as an area of 1463 ft². We have a spacious and laconic interior of the apartment with bright contrasting accents. The apartment is made utilizing modern design trends that are quickly gaining popularity in Russia and around the world
Predominantly, the design of the apartment utilizes natural and environmentally friendly materials with textures of stone and wood. The color scheme of the apartment's interior is tranquil, in beige and gray shades, there are pronounced color accents that add dynamics to the interior. A large family will live in this apartment: mom, dad and 3 daughters (of different ages, from 2 to 13 years old)
Project In Progress.
Estimated Project Design Cost is: 8 500 000 Russian Rubles
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