Residential Interior

/ Residential complex "Jamaica"

Year of implementation: 2020
Location: Saratov, Volskaya Street
An apartment for a young couple in the residential complex "Jamaica", the interior design was created in a modern style.

The combination of beige, green and gray shades creates an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort. And some "disturbers of peace" are amusing and colorful pictures in the hall and the living room. By the way, the living room, along with the kitchen, gave the interior a lot of free space, and the floor-to-ceiling mirror provides additional volume to the space and is just a really convenient thing.

In general, mirrors are one of the most interesting aspects of this design project. In the bathroom there is a mirror of a round shape, without a frame with illumination, which brings austerity and minimalism to the design; and its combination with wood and stone textures makes the design look affluent.

The budget of this project is small, so we used materials from Russian manufacturers, which allowed us to stay within the required limit. The plumbing is all built-in, and the sink is made of porcelain stoneware directly by our construction team!

There is a large illuminated mirror in the corridor, the wardrobe is the same color as the walls — a great option so as not to clutter up an already small space.

The tile with multicolored accents adds a touch of mood and goes well with the pouf.

The kitchen is custom-made, all of the necessary appliances are built in.

The bedroom itself is minimalistic, but the asymmetrical fixtures add flavor to the interior design.

Such a design project is perfect for those who want to relax at home and to take a break from the bustling city
Project Completed.
Project budget: 66 000 $
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