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/Residential complex "Pulsar"

Year of implementation: 2020
Location: Saratov, Moskovskaya Street
The design project of a three-bedroom apartment in the Pulsar residential complex is made in a modern style with elements of minimalism.

Geometric shapes in the design of the project, as well as the predominance of pure white color makes the space look like an “apartment of the future”. Perfect glossy surfaces, textured stone coatings, a glass column for plasma, panoramic glazing and a view from the 17th floor.

With all this beauty, the design decisions of this project are very practical: in the large L-shaped kitchen, the sink is located in a way, so that the hostess can calmly communicate with the guests during the cooking process, and on this island counter you can, if you wish, have breakfast using semi-bar chairs
Two bedrooms, each with its own work area. Three bathrooms: a bath, a shower and a guest toilet at the entrance. The plumbing is predominantly chrome-plated, as it is an excellent choice in terms of price and quality.

By the way, the customer had a special wish — not to use glass partitions in the bathroom. Hence, an original solution to the design of this project appeared: to weld a frame made of metal of a non-standard shape and black color instead of a purchased cornice, in combination with black curtains, which looks stylish and corresponds to the modern interior of the entire apartment
Project In Completed.
Project Design Cost does not exceed 6 400 000 Russian Rubles
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