Year of implementation: 2017
Location: Saratov, Alekseevskaya street
The client asked us to make a design project for an apartment as a gift to her mother. We gladly agreed and offered restrained neoclassicism as the main stylistic solution
We selected a combination of light and dark shades of green. Thus, we diluted the light pistachio on the walls with a rich grassy one in the furniture and textiles. We also added gold and stucco to the walls and ceiling, taking into account the main trends of the style chosen as the basis.

Visually, the living room appears larger due to the mirror located opposite the window. A glass coffee table appears in tandem with it. The tiles in the bathroom repeat the texture of marble. The glass shower room does not "eat up" the space, so a small bathroom looks quite spacious
Project completed in 2018.
Implementation costs: 3 200 000 Russian Rubles
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