Commercial Interior

/ "STUDIO 57"

Year of implementation: 2018
The "Studio 57" design is styled as a loft with elements of luxury and chic. The interior is bright and memorable. The hallways and the entrance of the building are as creative as the main hall. Brick walls, neon signs and mirrors immediately make what awaits visitors inside clear.

Upholstered furniture in red colors, ruffled chandeliers, and velvet curtains arranged along the stages look spectacular against the backdrop of brick walls, metal beams, and wooden surfaces
The large space contains tables with soft sofas and armchairs as well as a stage with a microphone for the most spectacular performances. The bar counter is neatly hidden behind the stage to accommodate guests who like to hide from the noisy performances.  Our team completed this project in record time: two weeks. We did our best to make Studio 57 open before the New Year holidays
Example Photos Below
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