Commercial Interior

/ Banqueting Hall
"Cherry Mountain"

Year of implementation: 2018
Location: Saratov
The planning of this facility began from a clean slate: we were shown an empty worksite to start working on. Because the location allowed it, the task was to create an open space with large panoramic windows from which a beautiful scenery of the city would open
We designed a transforming space. Panoramic windows can be opened in Summer to join the main room with the veranda, increasing the number of seating locations.

The interior is done in restrained coffee tones. The main focus was on one of the walls where a wooden structure was placed, which transforms into a mountain-like structure thanks to the illumination. This design solution adds romance and uniqueness to the room
The wooden textures are maintained in the other details of the banquet hall: on the ceiling and in the furniture. The sofas are separated from each other with wooden partitions. An atmosphere of comfort and naturalness was created in the banquet hall, and thanks to large windows and a beautiful view, the space looks transparent and ligh
Find photos of the interior below
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